Tamiya Grand Hauler #56344

Tamiya Grand Hauler

















This is one of the most anticipated Tamiya releases of 2015 and is currently available as a pre-order from our website. See below for more details.

The Grand Hauler resembles a classic customized american tractor truck. The included 540 motor drives a 3-speed transmission, which has no problem turning the dual rear axles. Leaf spring and shocks keep the axles suspended to the metal C-Channel ladder frame, which keeps the power to the pavement.

This customized beauty, sports some new hardware.

  • Front Bumper
  • Grille
  • Visor
  • Stretched Chassis
  • Side Steps
  • Rear Fenders
  • Rear Bumper
  • Driver figure
  • Custom fat exhaust stacks
  • And more...

Whether by itself or coupled to an optional trailer, the Grand Hauler is sure to turn heads.


  • Length: 692mm
  • Width: 190mm
  • Height: 300mm

To see more pictures and to pre-order please click HERE

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KCR Trailer Body

KCR Trailer Body [WS008]
Here is another good example of the KCR pre-built trailer body and skirt put together on a scratch-built chassis by Barry Taylor.
The full line up of custom Aero Trailers ...

Volvo FH 12 Truck Tractor Complete Pre-Buit [SA-VF12CPB]

This is the last Factory Built ScaleArt model truck that we have available here. Although it is a very impressive static model it can easily be motorised using a ScaleArt or Wedico drive train if required and both options are available as an extra from stock when needed.

The branded ScaleArt wooden box safely holds this Factory Built Silver FH12/16 and it makes a good safe storage place for it when it is not being used. The tool holding positions in the lid also make a handy place to keep the odd screwdriver and nut driver as these are always helpful to have close by when displaying or driving the r/c model.

The ScaleArt manufacturers attention to detail on their superior 1/16 scale truck cabs is well known but this model is built on their equally good fine scale two axle chassis and it includes lots of their other nice but expensive goodies too! 

The scale working fifth wheel is crafted from metal and complements the chassis with it’s working “air-bag” rear and “leaf spring” front suspension systems and the fitted rear fenders (mudguards) are another neat finishing touch.

A square fuel tank is fitted with the beautifully shaped metal mounts to compliment the photo etched parts of the scale exhaust and VOLVO badges. A spare wheel is provided which is machined from solid alloy and has its own spare tyre and mount and is fitted on the side of the chassis along with the battery box.

The fitted cab aero-kit looks especially good and the lack of chassis spoilers allows the full detail to be clearly seen.

A model of this stature deserves the best – and it gets it with a full set of polished alloy wheels which have been machined from solid billet stock and shod with twin rear traction tyres and “super-singles” on the front.

We cannot buy any more of these ScaleArt model Volvos as they are now obsolete ... this is genuinely the last one.

An extra special Christmas price of just £1750.00 makes this a very tempting offer. - HERE

Custom Truck

Wedico Drop deck semi-trailer build...

Now I need something to tow for my Peterbilt so have picked this drop deck semi trailer.......


New Wedico UK Store

Were launching a dedicated Truck Website  "www.Wedico-UK.co.uk" where you can just buy truck stuff....soon

Customised Wedico Trailer


Customised Wedico Trailer For Sale.  ”Barb Wire”.

After several years on display and many favourable comments we have decided to sell this fabulous Wedico trailer.  This excellent model has been custom airbrushed in a Pamela Anderson ‘Barbed Wire’ theme.

The black powder coated body is 755mm long ( 29.5 inches)  and has been built onto a black powder coated professional chassis. The chassis has been converted to 3 axles and has the KCR aero spoiler fitted to make a really classy looking trailer.

In addition, it has the upgraded twin drop-legs in place of the original jockey wheel and still has the original 8 pole electrical system installed ( easily removed or ignored of not required) which can be readily upgraded to run on infa-red at any time.

Now to the most interesting part of this trailer – the airbrushed artwork!!

Every one of the eight individual air-brushed panels is an original work of art inspired by the film “ Barbed Wire” from which the theme was taken and features a fictional “Barbie” character in various alluring poses!

It would not be possible to replicate this trailer at an affordable price and it is not really easy to decide if it is just a very exclusive Wedico trailer or if it is a work of art in it’s own right!

This must surely be a very solid future investment.  It is and will remain totally unique and highly desirable by model truck collectors, Wedico enthusiasts, collectors of curios and artwork as well as film buffs – this trailer has it all!

Priced at £999 – this is a trailer for the connoisseur whether if be of art, films or model trucks - this is certainly an exclusive model that looks as good on display as it does on tow behind a Wedico r/c model truck.............but if you pull this trailer at a model truck show – drive very carefully as others will be distracted and will probably not be paying attention to their own driving!

Custom Truck

Wedico Painted Custom Chassis...

This new chassis from King Cobra is designed to fit the Wedico Peterbilt cab and double sleeper, and has double suspension mounting points allowing the model to be built to standard spec, or as a "Low Rider".......


Wedico 740-966 Dual Package

Here is a rare  matched pair of plant machinery that has been built for display purposes and is now available to buy. The Cat 966 shovel loader and the CAT 740 dump truck have both been fitted with SERVONAUT Zwo4  (2.4 gig) radio conversions so both can be operated from the same Futaba FC-16 radio transmitter, making operating them as a pair simple and easy.

The user can load with the 966 and then with a flick of the switch can drive and dump with the 704 – far easier and better than trying to work both from two separate transmitters! The CAT 740 has the revised “off-set”  drive system to permit easy placement of the battery without obstructing the full closure of the bonnet and has also had the optional rear tailgate added as well as a rotating warning lamp. Like the 740 model, the CAT 966 was also fully factory painted by powder coating in NATO green from new by Wedico. These are a matched pair of factory built models and such are probably unique and undeniably desirable. No cost has been spared and both models each have an individually designed and  professionally built custom built travel case to protect them in transit and storage. The transmitter can also be put into a padded bag and carried inside the CAT 740 dump back so it is immediately ready for action.

As a fully built RTR matched pair both converted to run on 2.4 gig they are a bargain at £11,500.00 (including 20% VAT) ! SEE HERE

It is very unlikely we will  ever see another matched pair like this in the future and so it is not only a very good buy but probably a good investment too!

Custom Truck

Custom Low Rider Mudguards...

Now these are a real breeze to fit... I did think I would need to remove all the tyres, axles and suspension.......


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New Fenders from Wedico

See below for more details...

# 2170 - 2 Fenders for wide tyre, black 
# 2171 - 2 Fenders for wide tyre, polished
# 2172- 2 Fenders for double tyre, black 
# 2173- 2 Fenders for double tyre, polished

ARB - Alloy Diff Cover

These add the finishing touch to your TREX60 plastic or alloy axle, this red anodised alloy diff cover with machined ARB badge. These to are in stock and available on the Store, £14.99 each... just type Z-S0220 in the search bar on the Truck Store.

Wiring with the Multitruck #2100 unit

Currently being supplied as the replacement to the switched wiring on complete kits is the #2100 Multitruck Unit we try one out...


"How To" make your own trailer chassis

A neat way to make your own chassis to fit the KCR Streamliner trailer body or even a scratch build job....

Full Story...

Xtreme Velocity Drive

for T-Rex 60 Axle

  1. CNC machined steel
  2. Heat treated
  3. Support 40+ degree steering angle

These great RC4WD parts are New instock and allow a great angle of turn and a very smooth drive even at the extreme deflection with not a sign of rough or jerkyness. The best upgade for your TREX60 axle.. we hope to have a review to compare the stock part and these uprated units soon...

TREX60 XVD Axle....at £34.99.

Spotlight on Wedico Lens.

Wedico lens have always been popular with truck modellers for all kinds of applications, but not everyone was aware of what was available.....

More Info...

Streamlined Trailers bodies to fit Wedico

King Cobra have had some streamlined type trailer bodies made to fit the Wedico trailer chassis. These are made here in the UK..

Full Story...

"How To" make TAMIYA Mudguards

Here is a little how to for those that like to customize their Trucks or Trailers! This How To is for TAMIYA sizes so Wedico will need to be reduced a bit.

Full Story...

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